The Captain’s Rules

Follow these rules when posting a scroll or we’ll toss it out to sea. Once we do your IP may be banned from our ship forever.

  1. It must be useful to the general public, or a small slice of the general public. This is not a place for personal photos, messages to friends, or comments about your most recent lunch.
  2. You may post on commercial topics, including why you think a business does an excellent job. Try to make points or insights that otherwise may not be known.
  3. Observations and interesting thoughts or opinions are ok. Rants and insults are not.
  4. If your post has anything to do with politics, it must be constructive and thoughtful. It cannot be mean or insulting.
  5. It cannot contain nudity, pornography, ahate speech, rudeness, or otherwise socially unacceptable behavior. If you have to think about it, you’re over the line, take it down or we will.
  6. You may not spam our service to generate SEO rank or links.